Magitek - Odd Entities album release

Finally, one of the nerdcore albums I have been most anticipating this year is finally out! The wildly experimental nerdcore group Magitek has released their latest effort, Odd Entities. Available for free download at and includes liner notes, lyrics, and more. The nine tracks take you through lots of lyrical territory alongside some crazy experimental beats. It is tough to describe the array of sounds they bring to the table. Electronic, rock, trip hop, not to mention all the video game samples and references they let loose with seemingly little effort.

This would be the part where I point out particularly good tracks, but this whole thing smacks of effort and shows. Clever lyrics, complex beats (that would make a great electronic album in their own right I am sure) and awesome production value. I will say though, that the track Gold Teef (For Err Body) is a particularly fun track thanks to the hilarious lyrics.