II release double EP from Phlogiston

Chiptune netlabel II have just released Nectar by Phlogiston:

Nectar is essentially two EPs in one. Croqel Adventure is the semi-sequel to Croqel - continuing the tradition of short, fun and pure NES tunes. Heat takes you back to an 80s vision of the future; you’re given a tour through a vast dystopian city where high tech low life roam the streets, and the differences between man and machine have been washed out.

The first half of the release, Croqel Adventure, features 10 tracks, while Heat features 5 tracks, 1 of these including an appearance from the Phlogiston band. However, Phlogiston has caused a bit of controversy by deciding to release these tracks in FLAC format only - no MP3 versions are available. Read his reasoning for that here, and perhaps contribute to the discussion.