Hipster-Free Singles Club Vol. 1 release

The ever hard working nerdcore blogging hero Z. from Hipster, Please! has unveiled his latest secret effort, known as the Hipster-Free Singles Club. Volume 1 of this effort brings us three very catchy tunes. The first track is the Famicom J-rock stylings of Hidari with their song ChocolaTommy . Next up is GM4A favorites, the NES powered rock of I Fight Dragons with the track The Faster The Treadmill... from their recently released Cool is Just a Number EP.

Where this three track single album takes an amazing turn though is thanks to Snake Eyes and his amazing mash up, remix, whatever of both of the previous songs to make the wildly catchy and amazing final track Chocolate Treadmill. So even if you own the original tracks from these amazing artists, the final remix track is more than worth the download! I definitely have to say I hope Z. has many more of these awesome singles in the pipeline!

One more thing. Definitely have to mention the amazing artwork by Dave "The Knave" White. Well done sir!