My Parent's Favorite Music... MISSING

Recently I received the above photo from what I imagine is the now commandeered email of Nerdapalooza 09 performer Steffo of My Parent's Favorite Music (the MPFM site there also seems to be taken over as well). Along with the photo I got the message attached below. I am not sure exactly what it means, or if it can be believed, but perhaps posting it here will shine some light on this situation.

We are the daughters of an ex employee at HAL Laboratories. We will not disclose his name, we do not wish any more torture on the family name.

He had passed away a couple of months ago, and written in his will was a note. It said:
There was an american man in his late 30s that went by the name Steffo. He was on the development team with us (there were about 8 of us) working on game ideas back in the early 1980s. He said that he was from the FUTURE, and he had bright blue hair! We figured he just had a wonderful sense of humor. He spoke fluent Japanese, and told us about how he had started to create songs from the games that we would all create starting in the year 2000! He was full of wonderful ideas that he said he couldn't take credit for since they were from the future as well. Something about a mushroom world with a man that would stomp on animals and be the next big hero! I've heard some things in my day and this man could tell some wild stories. But truth be told, we wrote them all down. We thought the lot of them were ridiculous and didn't use them, except one. Eggerland Mystery. We had the idea from a logo that he said was used with his future music. There was some confusion about the terminology. He was saying the word logo, but we confused it for "roro". In English it would be pronouced "lolo". That's where Eggerland came from. We used his version for the American release when we had localized it in 1990. We tried to give him credit, but he wouldn't take it. And like that, one day he just disappeared. I wish I could have found him again, because wouldn't you know it, the list of his stories about these crazy games had been SPOT ON. Mario, Sonic, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Katamari Damacy, the whole bunch. I could have been rich, but I left the company shortly after Eggerland. I became a simple store clerk and raised a family: my wife Miki, and my two daughters Ima and Kagami.
We have found the future Steffo BEFORE he has time traveled to 1980, and kidnapped him to make sure our father gets what he deserves. A chance at being rich in the past. And if we find this other Steffo in his older form, if he is still alive, we will have questions for him as well. Until then we will hold on to Steffo and make sure everything is right in the past and the present.

Kagami and Ima