There's a New Doctor in Town

A new hip-hop artist has found their way into the Rhymetorrents Community who goes by the name of Dr. Awkward or "Doc Awk". He has just released his new EP on RT on Tuesday April 21st. He has already impressed a number of people, I included. It includes 6 tracks of awesome raps/beats like "Geekquilibrium" and "Next Gen"(you can also hear his track "Geekquilibrium" in the upcoming episode of Letters vs Numbers). It also features artists like Kasparov, Kabuto the Python, and Pelicaine. Here's the track list:

1. Welcome to the Awkward Show (ft. Kasparov)
2. Geekquilibrium
3. F.U.F
4. Next Gen (ft. Kabuto the Python)
5. Impostor (ft. Pelicaine!)
6. Clan War

This is new medicine and it carries a powerful punch. Download it now and be "welcomed to the rin-tin-tin show"!


ps. I know! I lied! The post about UMD Gamer Symphony is on it's way, promise!<3