April is Support OverClocked ReMix month

So I am a bit late to the party, but did you know that April is Support OCR Month? I assume if you read my little site, you are probably aware of OverClocked ReMix. I will give a brief synopsis though for the uninitiated.

OverClocked ReMix is a video game music rearrangement site that has thousands (THOUSANDS!) of new takes on classic video game songs. From new to old, obscure to famous. The songs are in every style imaginable as well, from western, to orchestral. Metal, to acoustic, and even some samba. Oh yeah, and did I mention all this music is available 100% free to download? Not to mention all the amazing full albums they release such as the recent Summoning of Spirits album. All this is available at the one and only ocremix.org.

So now that you newbies are sufficiently informed about what OCR is, and I assume are already over there downloading some of your favorite tracks if you are new to the site. This month is the big fundraiser to support David Lloyd and all the amazing people who are constantly plugging away at the site. Not to mention the tons of incredible musicians who have made OCR what it is today. To help out this incredible pillar in the community (one can argue there might be no community without these guys) head over to ocremix.org and look to the left of the page under the "Support OCR" section and you will see a paypal link, donate any amount you feel appropriate, 1 dollar, 1 million dollars (for any millionaires who may be perusing this site). Every little bit counts and goes directly to maintaining the site and paying hosting and server fees.

If any project in the VGM world was deserving of your time and money it may be this. I can personally say that the GM4A site wouldn't be here if I hadn't discovered OCR back in 2001 or so. The site not only opened me up to tons of amazing artists, but also many genres, video games, and VG composers. The site is an incredible resource and I can go on and on about it to no end. Please donate something to the site, especially you folks who have been downloading near every single release for years much like I have.

I would also like to personally thank David Lloyd, Larry Oji, the judges panel, and every single amazing person who has had music featured on the site over all these years. The site is incredible and no amount of thanks or money I send their way could ever be enough for all the hours (probably weeks really) of amazing music I have heard from everyone there. I hope to see OCR working hard and doing great work for many years to come.