Videogame Orchestra - RIOT EP release from II

Brilliant chiptune artists and all around fantastic duo Videogame Orchestra have released their latest EP through the II (pause) netlabel. The new album RIOT is 8 tracks of glitched out lo fi tracks out of Greece. Videogame Orchestra's crazy glitches and breaks keep in line with their II debut from last year, and continue to show the groups skill at various genres within chiptunes. Armed with only a set of Gameboys and an Atari 2600 these guys bust out some crazy tunes that will get your heart racing. As I am a big fan of both II and Videogame Orchestra I am extremely happy when these two paths converge and such an alignment is sure to create something incredible! As such this album is nothing short of amazing for all the glitch fans out there. And for those of you who aren't down with that crazy glitch sub genre of chiptunes, this may just be the EP that wins you over. So head on over to the II release page and give this album a try!