She's the DJ, He's the Rapper by Coova and Bud Melvin and Pravda by 8GB releases from 8bitpeoples

Sadly I am not too familiar with the enigmatic artist known as Coova, but I am fully aware of chiptune/banjo musician Bud Melvin. Well I am getting better acquainted with both thanks to the amazing collaboration between them known as She's the DJ, He's the Rapper available from 8bitpeoples. Right from the first track we get some catchy glitched up beats, and an epic introduction to the artists. From there you get more catchy clicks and clacks along with Bud Melvin's signature banjo twangs and soulful vocals. I have had this album on repeat since I popped it into iTunes, and is certainly recommended listening, although I have always had an affinity for banjos, so I am definitely biased.

8bitpeoples have not only released the heavenly chip/banjo duet above but have also recently released the newest effort from 8GB, Pravda, a fine cut of fiery, straight up chippy sounds to dance the night away to.

So there you have it! two new amazing albums from 8bitpeoples, but would you really expect anything less by now?