Sea of Ice - II compilation release

Just in time for a winter release (although my post about it missed that boat) comes the Sea of Ice compilation from II (pronounced "pause") netlabel. The album is 13 amazing songs from some of the finest names in chiptunes. All the songs are quite amazing and invoke the spirit of ice and snow and frost incredibly well. The album also boasts so many great artists that I have to list them all. Check out the tracklist.

  • Disasterpeace - Bird Season
  • ok ikumi - white plains 96
  • The J. Arthur Keenes Band - Stoic
  • Fighter X - Winter Death
  • Evil Wezil - Icebreaker
  • Zan-zan-zawa-veia - Khei-moni
  • Animal Style - Ancient Accumulator
  • µB - ice flower
  • iqtu - ice palace dub
  • Derris-Kharlan - Shiva
  • temp sound solutions - the last of all that lasts
  • failotron - hullamzoret
  • oxygenstar - the lazy gnome

Of course the compilation is also absolutely free to download, and I hope each and every person reading this heads to the album page and does download it, as it is a very ambient and soothing take on chiptunes that can't go underappreciated. The netlabel II is constantly making me reassess what chiptunes are and can be with every one of their releases, and this album is no different.