Brand New GM4A Events Calendar Project

So I have decided to try out a new idea, and hopefully a lot of you reading this post would love to be part of it!

Basically I have created a google calendar for all Video Game inspired music and art events. My goal is that we could use this one same calendar across all VGM and VG inspired music sites, blogs, etc. so we can have one main calendar hub for anyone interested in finding any and all nerdy events anywhere. This would include things like concerts and tour dates for chiptune, nerdcore, and VG rock/remix acts of course, large events like Video Games Live and Play! music symphonies. Also video game inspired art exhibits and conventions. Not to mention other smaller events like album releases, VGM site launches/relaunches, VGM radio shows, music making competitions and song composition parties, and anything else that would fit in that I may be forgetting!

Check out the calendar here:
(The only dates on there currently are Nerdapalooza 09 in July, and 64 Bit Genocide in August.)

So basically, for anyone and everyone interested, I need people for several important features for this to succeed.

1. If you have a website, or blog that has absolutely anything to do with VG inspired music, it would be fantastic if you could add this calendar to your site. (I added the calendar to GM4A already, just look over in the left side column below "Supported Events.") For folks who are interested in this route, if you have a Blogspot there is a google calendar gadget simply called "Google Calendar" which you can use along with the GM4A Calendar's RSS feed URL. Just add the RSS feed into the calendar URL section and mess with the other settings to your liking to have something similar to what I have on this site. For anyone else, add the GM4A calendar to your list of "Other Calendars" and then there will be a customizable HTML embed code that Google Calendars has in "Settings" under "Calendar Details."

2. If you are an artist, or just a very enthusiastic fan, I could really use your help for adding events to the calendar. If you are interested in being a contributor to the calendar please email me ( or contact me in any other way you prefer, and provide me with your email address so that I can add you as a person who can edit/add dates to the calendar. This is your chance to give back to the community with a little bit of your time, even if it is adding just one or two concert dates you have or ones you hear about to the calendar every so often it would go a long way in making this a big success!

For those merely interested in seeing any awesome upcoming concerts, be sure to subscribe or bookmark the calendar RSS feed to see when new dates are added to the calendar!

I sincerely hope some of you folks are interested in doing a small bit to make this large and ongoing calendar project a success. Any and all advice, ideas, and criticism about this idea are welcome as well. Thank you.