Classic Arcade Sounds archive

Now here's something really cool, and 27 years in the making. Beginning in 1982, a boy and his friend had the idea of recording a library of sounds down at their local arcade using a humble cassette recorder. They made recordings up until 1988, before the tapes were stored, and then re-discovered in 1997, whereupon the audio was converted to a digital format and is now available to browse on this guy's site,

Experience the magic and the wonder of the early years of coin-op video games. Hear the classic arcade ambience like you haven't heard it in over a quarter of a century! The blend of several video games being played simultaneously, the kids yelling and the quarters clanking. We will never hear such beautiful chaos quite the same way again....

It's really interesting to hear the different music and sound effects from all the old arcade classics, as well as the voices of the kids playing the games, and all the other ambient noise to be found at an arcade during the 1980s.

This guy also has a formiddable collection of video game flyers which are available to peruse.

Via Geekdad