Antisoc - Anomalous Materials Laboratory album release

Wow am I late on this one! Anyway, better late than never, but amazing fellow Antisoc, whom I heard about from Z of Hipster, Please! fame released an album last year. Anomalous Materials Laboratory is that album and you can download it at And what an album it is! Sadly it passed under my radar when it was first released, so as an apology to Antisoc I am mentioning it here now in an attempt to reach those folks who may have also missed it the first time around.

A ton of amazing crazy electronic hip hop sampling nerdery abound in this album, and also tributes to and remixes of Half-Life. Not to mention the stand out track Lone Warrior, which has become a personal favorite and a bit of an anthem for me. This album is really well put together and flows from song to song nicely. Definitely recommended listening!