WomenGamers.com interviews women from OCRemix

Recently the people over at WomenGamers.com took the time to interview three of the female musicians of the OCReMix world. The article talks to three amazing and talented musicians, including Jillian Goldin, Nicole Adams, and Elaine Li of Florida based group Select Start. They cover topics including women in gaming, women in music, the validity of game music and where VGM is heading in the future. They all provide interesting and thoughtful answers on the questions and it makes for a really in depth read for those who want to learn more about these amazing and talented people. You can read the article through this link. Then be sure to check out their music on OCReMix.org, Jillian Goldin at her official site jilliangoldin.com, Elaine Li and her group can also be found at selectstartband.com, and Nicole Adams on her myspace page at myspace.com/nicoleadams84.

I am also quite proud of the fact that both Elaine Li and Nicole Adams appeared on our album Welcome to World 2 with very amazing songs of course.