Final Anthony VII

Much like Z. of Hipster, Please who tagged me for this ridiculousness, I tend to leave my banality about myself at the "door" when I sign into this here blog. But since Z. is my "nerdy music blogging brother" I will do my best to appear like I have several interesting facts about myself.

  1. The biggest thing people might not know about me, though it is no secret, is that I am a massive fan of The Simpsons ( seasons 1-10 mostly). Like, no, not like how you like The Simpsons. More like I have memorized all my favorite episodes word for word and get mad when people misquote the show. I will be at work and think about different simpsons jokes in my head then laugh out loud. I have a simpsons quote for pretty much every single situation possible. I have even watched the simpsons commentary on the DVDs several times over. I LOVE THE SIMPSONS.
  2. I am obsessed with Skepticism and science. I constantly listen to episodes of Skeptoid and Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcasts. Not to mention reading blogs like Skepchick, Neurologica, Bad Astronomy, and Skepticblog. This has lead me to read magazines like Discover and Scientific American as well. I think logic is awesome and science is interesting as all get out.
  3. I almost always pick a girl character in video games which give me that choice. Street Fighter = Chun Li, Guilty Gear = May, Puyo Pop Fever = Amitie, Mario Kart = Toad? Anyway, this is just an odd quirk about me. Even in games where the character is just an avatar and has no effect gameplay wise I still choose a girl. Maybe I should see a psychiatrist about this.
  4. I used to play Harmonica. It was really fun, but like many things I gave up pretty easily. The only things I knew how to play were the Super Mario Bros level 1-1 theme, Tetris music A, and several Zelda Majora's Mask ocarina tunes. I also tried to start a video game cover band with me on bass and it was called Sword Fighting Music. eventually I realized I had no idea what I was doing and started writing about video game music instead.
  5. I have never held down a job for more than a year. whether it has been because I quit, because the job was merely temporary or because the whole store closed down I have never had a job for more than one year. Although I have only been in the job market for about four years I guess it isn't so bad though.
  6. I am of half Mexican (mom's side) and Spaniard (dad's side) descent. Despite this I don't know a single word of Spanish. My father also left me with the very unusual last name of "Ruybalid". A name so uncommon in fact that if you meet anyone with that last name I can guarantee you we are pretty closely related to each other.
  7. Despite my constant love of attention I am actually pretty reserved and quiet a lot of the time (unless you hit on a subject i am obsessed with). I am actually not a big fan of being on stage and having everyone pay attention to me, as I do get a bit of stage fright in such situations.

THE END! Now for who has done been tagged.

  • MisterB because he does some podcast with some goon.
  • Legendary Wizard hopefully while he is drunk.
  • Joe "Jephso" Allen since that jerk is living it up in Japan (I assume).
  • Hex because maybe both me and Z hassling him will get him to write this thing up faster.
  • Doctor Octoroc because he is a crazy chip celebrity all of a sudden and I want him to link to me more in his blog.
  • MC COOL WHIP because it will be funny, and i need to link to him on GM4A more.
  • VGTO Reviews because he is mysterious. Or I just don't know enough about him.

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