Bit.Trip Beat chiptune rhythm game action

Just recently I have been informed (i.e. read on a gaming site) about an awesome new game called Bit.Trip which is coming out for WiiWare in the near future. It is a lo-fi Atari/Pong inspired chiptune rhythm game. That description alone should have you excited, or confused. Well this trailer of gameplay footage should sort you out.

See. Now wasn't that something? The game comes to us from the upstarts at Gaijin Games (who have an awesome website by the way, they even mentioned Doctor Octoroc in it). They also have a website for the game at If you check out the media section on the site, they have one song from the game for download as well, called Desention_b and is definitely worth a listen. Needless to say I am quite excited about this title, and plan on talking about it much more in the future!