ZOMBIES! ORGANIZE!! Before It's too late album release

The best zombie rappers in the whole world, ZOMBIES! ORGANIZE!! have released their debut album, Before It's Too Late, to the internet masses. It's ten tracks of zombies doing what they do best, eating brains rapping. But not only do they rap about all things related to zombies (though if they did you wouldn't hear me complaining in the slightest) but they also rap about other important topics like video games, robots, going to the mall, and so much more.

You can grab the amazing album for free from the bands myspace page. You can also send ten bucks their way (and they definitely deserve it!) and get a physical copy of the awesome album!

Definitely give it a listen, the album also includes a new version of the song F-Bombs and 1-Ups which they created with Dot.AY for our own Here Comes a New Challenger album!

"All you zombies in the club raise your fists up high. Fuckers can't hold us down, we're too fly not to fly"