XOC - The Beginning of the End album release

the ever amazing XOC, a game musician's musician if there ever was one, has released an amzing and extremely limited edition album entitled The Beginning of the End. You can order the album from the Concatenation Records page for the very awesome price of only 6 bucks. I just ordered my copy! and at last look it appears about 60 of the 100 albums are sold. So don't hesitate on getting a hold of this one, It's sure to be a very prized item for any vg rock fan!

Like XOC said himself, Zach of Good-Evil explains the album best.

"Here at Good-Evil, were are proud to announce our first album release on own Good-Evil Records imprint, as part of the Concatenation Records family. And what better way to start our mini-label than with a brand new Xoc album? Xoc, who you may remember as "that dude who covered all of Super Mario World" or that guy who blew you away with his Kirby cover album, has produced one of the most ambitious albums he's put out to date. Containing 100 video game themes covered in less than 20 mins, this project has been a labor of love for Xoc since 2004.
We've collaborated with Jason Vincion at Concatenation Records to bring you this album on a 3" mini-CD, each lovingly created in the Good-Evil CD production factory (which may or may not be my computer room in my apartment). This is a limited issue release, with only 100 copies being produced.
And while I would never release an album I didn't absolutely love, I have to say that this album is truly some of Xoc's best work. It mashes together nearly every type of music he's done before and dozens of instruments into one rollercoaster of a medley. It's got slow, lighthearted parts, weird, wacky sections, straight up rock and metal parts, and with 100 themes, it's pretty impossible to get bored here. If I were reviewing this, it would be a Classic easily. Take a minute to purchase one while you can, they are reasonably priced and worth every penny."

Also, if you do order the album, be sure to take a picture of it and send it to XOC for his 100 copies sold mural!