New NESMETAL track in recognition of Mega Man 9

NESMETAL has just uploaded a brand new track called Emotional Blackout to his MySpace page:

In recognition of Mega Man 9's release today I decided to upload one of the songs from the new album I'm working on (to be released sometime after the new year).

Mega Man's return to his 8-bit roots inspired the stripped down style change, if you're wondering why it's a little different from previous material. His games are one of the main reasons why I live 8 Bit music as much as I do.

So come check out the new track! It's all you'll be hearing of the album until it's release in '09!

Hope you're all well, and playing MEGA MAN 9!!!!


The above-mentioned album is set to be released on Pterodactyl Squad sometime next year, but before that you can look forward to another full length from NESMETAL, entitled Luminous, which is scheduled for release on Pterodactyl Squad rather soon.

*I still can't get over that Mega Man 9 artwork btw