Year 200X - We Are Error album release

How many times has Ducktales melted your face off with it's extreme metal? If your answer is less than 100, then it's because you haven't listened to the new Year 200X album 100 times like I did! The album, We Are Error, is available now on their myspace page for only ten bucks! As stated before I have been listening to it a ton, and it is more than worth the purchase. Also the album has awesome special guests Alex Atchley and Housethegrate, two other very fine musicians. Well hurry up and order the album! Classy track listing is below.

Mega Man 3 (intro by Alex Atchley) - Title Theme
Ducktales - The Moon
Life Force - Level 1 - Level 6 - Boss Music - Level 3
Bad Dudes - Level 2
Ghosts N Goblins - Intro - Level 1
Journey to Silius (feat. housethegrate) - Title Theme - Level 1 - Level 2
Metal Gear - Jungle Theme
Castlevania III - The Beginning
Ninja Gaiden II - Intro
Contra - Jungle - Base - Waterfall - Snowfield - Alien's Lair
River City Ransom - Boss Theme
Mega Man 2 - Title Theme
Zelda II - Title Theme - Battle - Fairy Theme (A Link to the Past) - Palace