SEGA GENESIS/MEGADRIVE TRIBUTE! looking for submissions!

OK Everyone, time for our next compilation! What we are looking for are any and all songs about the Sega Genesis (or Megadrive, if you will)

192KBPS or better quality track

I need your email address, and myspace URL if you have one

song can be made specifically for this album, or donated from previous work

Remix/Cover of songs from Sega Genesis games - Please let me know the game and original song name so we don't have ten covers of the first level of sonic or something

Songs with Lyrics - The instrumentation can be a game song remix or original tune, as long as you are singing/rapping about the genesis or a game found on the sega genesis!

Songs are needed by October 1st! And the songs should be well and cleanly recorded, and be awesome!

PS. If you are doing a sonic cover, pick something obscure, all the most recognizable ones are taken! Also, I want an SNES diss song somewhere on this compilation!