Getting ready for Nerdapalooza South East

So looks like I am heading out tomorrow to partake in the festivities known as Nerdapalooza. An event taking place in Florida this July 4th and 5th. If you are in the area, you really have no choice but to attend!

Anyway, I'm just about all packed up. But before I head out I figured why not let you take a look at what I have been up to!

This is the case of our brand new compilation, Welcome to World 2 which celebrates our second anniversary as a website! Nerdapalooza is going to be the place of this compilations launch (although we are throwing our official launch party soon)! Artwork is by the amazing Jay Tholen, to which I give many props to. I'm busy burning more copies of the album as I write this in fact. I should have about 30-40 copies of the album to sell at Nerdapalooza. They are going to go for five bucks each for interested parties. And don't fret folks who won't be at NaP SE, the album should be going up for online sale shortly after I return home!

Also, WtW2 won't be the only compilation I'll be selling out there.
That's right! I will also have copies of our first anniversary compilation Music EXP for sale, as well as a handful of pressed Here Comes a New Challenger CD's. Both of which will also be going for five bucks each.

And finally, for those looking to represent GM4A in style (or just stick things on your friends stuff to bug them) we'll have plenty of stickers to get out to you fine folks!
This will probably be my last post from home, but expect sporadic Nerdapalooza updates throught the rest of the week!