New NESMETAL release on Pterodactyl Squad

Hot Dog City OST by NESMETAL

Hot Dog City is another in-progress game from Ray Fix and Johnathan Godbolt which unfortunately met with the same fate as Zombie Birthday Cake. However, the soundtrack written by NESMETAL was too good to remain unheard, so here it is!

Featuring a hot dog as the main character, the game was to be a fun, old-school style sidescroller, and much musical inspiration was taken from Ristar, Popful Mail and especially Sonic the Hedgehog.

"The bass lines in the old Sonic soundtracks have always been my favorite thing to listen to while playing. So I wanted to find a way to recreate that in my own way... a soundtrack that has the bass as one of the 'lead characters'" says NESMETAL.

Light and happy at times, then a little ridiculous and cartoony at others, Hot Dog City OST is definitely something different from the musical mind of NESMETAL.