Dwelling of Duels - Gradius Month Results

The very awesome and very interesting Gradius month has closed over at Dwelling of Duels. some fantastic entries to say the least, as well as one that sadly got zero votes, But so it goes in this rough world of VG remixing. Anyway, to the list of winners, which you can download through here.

CarboHydroM: Lifeforce - Desperate Chase
Mystic Wizard: Lifeforce - Pharoah Song
ansgaros: Lifeforce, Gradius 2 - Dangerous Territory
Hope Fails, Scaredsim: Gradius 3 - Declaration of War

Fifth place (tie) - dasaten: Lifeforce - Melodic Newt
Fifth place (tie) - Ryan8Bit: Gradius - The Viper Within
Seventh place - Harjawaldar: Gradius 2 - Join me in Space
Eighth place (tie) - Daniel Alm: Gradius - Shoot the Core!
Eighth place (tie) - Dr. Manhattan: Lifeforce - Spaceship 50
Tenth place (tie) - ryanisfootdrums: Lifeforce, Gradius 2 & 3 - Endless Infinity Darkness Mk. 2
Tenth place (tie) - TheoConfidor: Gradius 3, Unreal 2 - UnGradian
Twelfth place - Rasgar: Lifeforce - Tears of a Wayward Solider
Thirteenth place (tie) - Six-Stringed Flamberge: Gradius 3 - Meteor Storm
Thirteenth place (tie) - Skummel Maske: Gradius 3 - Stuck in the Crystal Maze
Fifteenth place (tie) - cacomistle: Lifeforce - Life Forts
Fifteenth place (tie) - tibone: Lifeforce - The Only End I'll Ever Got

Once again congratulations to the winners and to everyone else who competed this month! You can download all the tracks from this month's DoD for free as always at the Gradius Month page. And for those entering this month, June's duel is an epic battle of Boss VS Hero!