GM4A website updates

So it's been a very long time since I updated folks on the status of this web page. Well here is a long overdue update then!

  1. I have fixed the "Donate" button on here, and the compilation web pages (I didn't know they were broken), so if you have wanted to donate a couple bucks our way, this is your chance! Of course if you decide to it is greatly appreciated!
  2. I added a ton of stuff to the sidebar to your right. I'll explain everything there now. We now have direct links to our free online compilations, and will continue adding to that in the future of course. Then we have the old standbys of links and band of the month (which is Doctor Octoroc this month). Another new one is the link to our still fairly new semi-official podcast Letters vs Numbers, be sure to check it out sometime!

    Below that is another new section, which I call "supported events" This is where we have flyers for all the upcoming events that we support and hope you check out and attend. Right now we have some great concerts coming up so check them out, just click the flyers to be taken to the bands/websites page with all the info. Under that is our blogroll, which has grown quite a bit over time. check out some of those links sometime, they will all take you to awesome websites!

    The final two things to point out are the Nobuooo RSS Feed, and the Twitter RSS Feed. The Nobuooo feed takes you to the wonderful new website This site is like Digg, but specifically for news in the VGM and VGIM communities. Sign up and help decide what the biggest news stories are in video game music! The Twitter feed is a bit more personal, as it is a link to my personal twitter feed, if you are interested in finding out what I am up to on a daily basis as well as several other fine folks from the blogging and vgm community then sign up over at and start following some folks today. The more folks who sign up there the more fun it is to use.

  3. Third thing to let folks know about, or actually remind them about, are our websites latest compilation efforts. Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! and Here Comes a New Challenger. Both wonderful albums that deserve a lot of attention. Check out their respective web pages to download them free!

    Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch!

    Here Comes a New Challenger

  4. And finally, you probably noticed I switched the logo to the spiffy number you see at the top of the page. It's by Mexico native artist Carlos Lerma and was actually made way back in April 2007. Thanks go out to him once again for the awesome work! Enjoy! (and don't forget that donate button below it.)

I do believe I have covered everything. Thanks as always for reading and supporting our website, and feedback is always welcome, so don't be shy, feel free to chat us up!