Norwegian Recycling - Donkey Business album release

I was lucky enough to get an email straight from Peter Bull, the man behind Norwegian Recycling. It was about his new mash up project which blends the amazing music from the Donkey Kong Country series from SNES with hit hip hop songs to create a gooey and delicious blend of music. The album, Donkey Business, has been getting some great enthusiasm, and plenty of press around the community. Here is what Peter Bull has to say himself on why he created this amazing mash up album.

This is my tribute to the Donkey Kong Country series on the SNES, but mainly to the man behind the great soundtrack, David Wise. He is one of my favorite music producers and has been a huge inspiration to me. All the tracks on the album are based on a sample from the soundtrack. Then I have mashed these samples to either hip hop or RnB acapellas. On top of this I have added a lot of my own production like drum loops, basslines, effects, samples and synths. I also have to thank "Pinkoloss", an amazingly talented friend of mine, for making the fabulous cover art. I recommend you to visit his blog.

here are two links to download the album:

I have made a couple of other game-mashups if you are interested:
Final Fantasy 7 vs Eminem:
Tomb Raider vs. Timbaland:

Well hurry up and grab the album at the link provided above! It is a must have album for fans of the DKC music (and who isn't a fan?) as well as fans of mash up albums! Also be sure to check out the links below for more info about Peter Bull and Norwegian Recycling!