Doctor Octoroc's bead sprite clinic open for your patronage!

Feeling ill? well board certified Doctor Octoroc has your cure! Bead sprites and other amazing artwork from him! What? Bead sprites don't cure anything? Well, they won't make you feel worse! So stop complaining and buy something from him today!

He has many an epic piece of work on his Etsy profile. many such things you can see below in his flash store. Clicking on one of the pictures below will take you straight to the product page for ordering. He has some amazing sprite work from tons of games from NES to XBox 360 and back. Also some amazing 3D gaming consoles, including my personal favorite, the Luigi green Gameboy Color. Also in many a different price range so you can't act like you can't afford it. when was the last time you saw a doctor working his craft for about ten dollars? Don't answer that, just head to Doctor Octoroc's store and check it out right now!