8-Bit Artist goes Mode 7

Looks like the ever impressive 8-Bit Artist has gone super and stepped up to 16-bits recently. Super Nintendo being the best system ever in my opinion, these paintings have simply amazed me every time he finishes one off. Check out the canvas paintings below. These hand painted masterpieces can very easily be mistaken for screenshots of the games they originate from! Also, both the Mario Kart and Zombies Ate My Neighbors paintings are both currently on sale for you prospective buyers out there! If interested in purchasing them, or if you want to check out more of his magnificent art (and you SHOULD want to), head over to his myspace page and check out his enormous body of work.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past acrylic/magnet perler beads on canvas 36x36

Super Mario Kart acrylic on stretched canvas 20x16

Zombies Ate My Neighbors acrylic on stretched canvas 16x12