Videogame Orchestra - SLOT MACHINE release

This is one album that I have been waiting some time for! Great friends and amazing chiptunists Videogame Orchestra have released their latest EP on II (pronounced "Pause"). The album is titled SLOT MACHINE and is six tracks of chips, chirps, and sound manipulation. Here's what II has to say about the album.

"Inspired by crappy sci-fi movies and everything coin-op, Videogame Orchestra’s Slot Machine EP release is a collection of bleepy/chippy techno tracks, carefully crafted with the serious nerd in mind. Rhythmic electronics combine with arcade-like playfulness, incorporating dance elements wrapped in a digital environment filled with game samples."

In the wave of must get albums that have been coming out lately, this is chief among them! I haven't heard a glitchy release like this in a while, and I am glad Vgo released such an EP for the serious chiptune lover in mind. And if you can't get enough of Vgo, just hit their website for a ton of remixes and original tracks (I suggest the The Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy - Theme)!