Pterodactyl Squad takes flight!

Clever title right? Besides that though, very important, very awesome news. I am proud to break the fantastic news that netlabel Pterodactyl Squad has now launched! Brought to you by our good friend Jephso, of Gamewave Podcast and Spheres of Chaos fame, as well as Ross Murdoch, better known as ArcadeComa. They already have an awesome handful of new and re-released albums by some incredible artists! Also to celebrate this event, a new episode of Gamewave Podcast is out today, Episode 38: Pterodactyl Squad Special (check it out at! To give further detail here is how their official about statement describes them...

Pterodactyl Squad is a netlabel - an online record label which distributes music for free - and all the music we release is inspired by video games. We split our releases into two categories: there's the original music category, as well as a category for video game soundtracks - these may be faux soundtracks or soundtracks for indie games. Please download all the music you want and play it on your PC, put it on your MP3 player, burn it to CD and tell your friends!

So what are you waiting for, an invitation? Head over to, download all the amazing FREE music, bookmark the website, tell all your friends, add their myspace page, and have the crap scared out of you by Tim00x's pteradon screams!

(Also, amazing Pterodactyl Squad art by Jonathan Price)