Jay Tholen - Master Sequencer album release

Florida resident artist Jay Tholen has released his Latest EP for free to the public. You can download it at Jay's website. This release has some cool pixel artwork, and and some very catchy glitch chippy sounds. I wish I would have come across this impressive artist sooner! I would continue but I think Jay explains the album best himself.

Master Sequence is an epic journey into stunning electronically enhanced sound forms. Square, triangle, and pulse waves are manipulated in grand fashion. Your soul will do a slow motion back flip from start to finish, guaranteed.

Just kidding jerks it's just another one of my garbage electronic EPs. Haha tricked you. Travis Woodson contributes some fancy Pro-One Synth on Track 5.

[1] Birth Sequence {2:54}
[2] Knowledge Sequence {3:42}
[3] Warning Sequence {1:21}
[4] Wisdom Sequence {3:02}
[5] Master Sequence {5:44}