Hex announces top ten of 100 Biggest Nerd Artists in 2007, nerds collectively leave edge of seat.

Hex Warrior has finally put an end to his list of greatest nerd artists of 2007, lucky for him I have been too entrenched in Advance Wars Days of Ruin to argue with this final list of his. If you still have the strength to argue though, head over to his myspace blog and read the final top ten nerd acts of 2007!

Prime cuts in the top ten in my opinion, The OneUps, who are always awesome, and did have one insanely stellar year in 2007, finally getting recognized for the musical geniuses they are. Not to mention Armcannon, who have been tearing everything up in the hard rocking way that only they could, as well as their insanely most awesome new album Legvacuum. If you feel the need to be mad about more than ten bands though, always remember to check out the other three installments of Hex's 100 artist countdown.