Pixelh8 - The Boy With The Digital Heart album release

Chiptunist, circuit bender, and programmer Pixelh8 has recently released his latest album The Boy With the Digital Heart. You can order the album through both his myspace page or his website hiddenyouthrecords.co.uk for £8.00. Here's the info straight from pixelh8 himself!

The entire album, every note, every drum beat, every sound programmed by scratch, and performed on software written
for Game Boy, Nes , Sega Game Gear, BBC Micro, ZX spectrum, Commodore 64, Acorn Electron, MSX as well as many many more.
You will not of heard anything like it before.

Select tracks from the album are available to listen at www.myspace.com/pixelh8 and more information can be found at www.hiddenyouthrecords.co.uk.

Pixelh8 has recently completed a Californian tour, stopping of to play for the staff at Apple, and will shortly be recording a live session
for the BBC in late December featuring tracks from the new album.

Pixelh8 will be touring Jan To Feb 2008, throughout the UK giving lectures, running workshops & live performances.

To see where he is touring and lecturing be sure to check out his myspace page for that info as well!