Greeting! This weekend GM4A will be up in the Seattle area to bring you coverage of the Penny Arcade Expo. If you're not up to date on who exactly is going to play at PAX this coming up weekend, here is the lineup.

The Oneups
Optimus Rhyme

Jonathan Coulton
MC Frontalot
The Minibosses

We'll be bringing back footage of the concerts and PAX. We will have interviews with a few of the bands and developers, and our hands on experience with Harmonix and MTV's upcoming game, Rock band. So keep an eye out for these and pictures galore (in the GM4A photobucket) when we come back.

Attending PAX? Keep an eye out for GM4A at PAX and grab a CD from us at a special price, as well as a free GM4A sticker. Don't know what we look like? Head over to the GM4A Myspace.