Yesterday I had the grand chance to check out quite a few of the upcoming games from Gamecock at their independent answer to the new, downsized E3, EIEIO. EIEIO standing for Expo for Interactive Entertainment, Independent and Original. Must say I love that name. Anyway. I had the chance to talk to some of the developers, artists, and others working on several of the upcoming Gamecock games, as well as demo some of those titles. I'll be writing up some reports and tossing up some pictures of everything I got to check out.

The atmosphere at EIEIO was great, we had a ton of time to chat with the folks working on the games, There was great food (very great food), and most of all, very interesting games on display.

Also, I may be hooked on the energy drink NOS, which they had in abundance there. Well played Gamecock, well played indeed.