PIxelh8 expands GB Music Tech software/ Upcoming US Tour

As reported a while back, chiptune artist/programmer Pixelh8 has a forthcoming Gameboy based music program for all professional and aspiring chiptunists alike. Unfortunately the program was delayed, but not without good reason! Check out the following youtube for all the great additions to the program that Pixelh8 has been working on!

Also, in ever more Pixelh8 news. On his epic quest to Nerdapalooza, Pixelh8 will be performing shows all up the California coast on his forthcoming The Return to Silicon Valley Tour. The tour goes down this September with dates in Los Angeles, San Jose, and, of course at Nerdapalooza in Humboldt. Also, you may see me stalking Pixelh8 across California when his tour begins. It can't be helped.