Not sure if all you folks remember, but back in ancient times, well, about a year ago actually, Animal Style started a campaign to get chiptunes listed as a genre on myspace. It failed.

Well, there is a new upstart company dedicated to music, and more than willing to side with Animal Style and our chiptune brethren! I speak of SocialCase. SocialCase is currently in Beta, and is only open to artists at the moment, once they get further along they will start accepting fan accounts. For now though, if you are an artist, the perks are numerous. The website will be great exposure for many artists once it kicks off, genre listings include both CHIPTUNES as well as NERDCORE, both of which the myspace monarchy refuses to have on their site. You can upload a ton more music than myspace allows, and without filesize limits either. Then you can sort it out by genre, album, and many other things. Your musician's page also comes with an embeddable flash player for you to post your music quickly and easily on other websites and myspace pages. There are probably many other reasons that you should use this site, but I am already sounding like an advertisement. The BEST reason to support this site and use it for your music? They support OUR music! They accept chiptunes and nerdcore as readily as they accept hip-hop and rock. Definitely check it out!