Enter the Hex Warrior

Howdy everyone!

My name is [hexWarrior]!! You may be asking yourselves why you care. Well, my homies at Game Music 4 All decided to offer me a position as an occassional blogger on this amazing site. As a big fan of video games, musix, and the multisplendory awesomeness that is the cross-section, there was no way I could say no!

They didn't just ask me [some guy] out of the #0000FF [i promise that'll be my last hexcode joke evar]. I do come with qualifications. Aside from a lifetime of video games under my belt, being an enthusiastic supporter of communities such as OCRemix, I am currently the father of Nerdapalooza, an epic nerd music festival that is due for fruition in September. I also write the occasional article on there, like my most recent artist profile of Dual Core, an awesome Nerdcore Hip Hop group to arise. Definitely chex out their song, Hostage Down.

I also run a daily nerdy music radio show this summer called Nerdapalooza Radio Program Show for Internet Distribution. So far, I've had no problem doing a show a day. I'm also trying to post the songs online.

I think that now that is out of my system, you can expect to see no more gratuitous self promotion out of me: only reviews of nerdy music [primarily video game related]. I am really excited about this opportunity! If anyone has any questions or suggestions for articles, feel free to contact me!! My email of choice is nerdapaloozaATgmailDOTcom and you can AIM me at nerdapaloozafest.

I'm very excited to be on the team, and I look forward to pumping out some smexy articles.