The place? Humboldt State University in Northern California. The Time? The fourth weekend of September, 2007. The Music? NERD.

Some folks, namely Hex Warrior, Phaedrus and El Presidente, are putting together a collosal musical endeavor. Entitled Nerdapalooza, this concert seeks to be the biggest concert for nerd related music anywhere, ever. With bands like Freezepop, The Oneups, and MC Lars interested, as well as numerous smaller acts spanning pretty much every nerd genre imagineable, they look like they will be pulling this off with ease.

The creators of Nerdapalooza are still very interested in finding more acts for the event, so if you have a band, or have a suggestion for a band they should check out, let them know!

Nerdapalooza's official myspace page can be found at, you can contact them through there.

Us at GM4A hope to be there to geek out and nerd it up. We wish the best of luck to all the folks involved in Nerdapalooza, and even hope to contribute a bit ourselves.