Timbaland / Tempest Plagiarism Controversy

I know I am a bit late to this party, but better late then never.

So apparently this hot shot artist has pretty much straight up stolen music from a chiptunist. And more news turned up later that the Nelly Furtado song wasn't the first time he had done so.

I think it's pretty messed up to take this chiptunists song with absolutely no credit, probably because he thought he would get away with it. Though apparently so far he has since, as one Universal rep stated, "In case that the artist decides to pursue the matter further, it's on him to go to America and confront them with the local use of law. It will require a considerable amount of faith and, of course, money." So basically Timbaland gets away with it based on the fact that Tempest does not have the monetary ability to fight back. I'm pretty angry about it. I'd like to hear some other folks opinions though. You can find more info about the whole controversy on the wikipedia article.

Originally found via VORC