Peppermint Pony starting work on New EP

Exciting news, musician Peppermint Pony released news about a new EP via his myspace page yesterday night. Here is the bulletin he sent out to fans.

"I know it's been a while since I've made any new songs, and especially a new EP, but you know what? I'm out of school, I have nothing to do, tomorrow I will begin making a new EP!
If the EP is worth it, I'll be getting it pressed and selling it for cheap.
If the EP is just OK, it'll be given away on a record label like Neon-Dead was.

This album won't necessarily be like the rest because I've decided I can broaden my genres to make whatever I want. So this EP will include plenty of different stlyes of music including glitch, breakcore, pop, horror, ambience, noise, etc.

In fact, if I decide that all is going well, be prepared and maybe it will turn into a full length.

I'm so inspired by you people and the new music will be on its way.

Creation starts tomorrow.

Be ready.