DS! Noooo!

Well I posted a while back about how my DS Lite got a crack in the hinge like oh so many people complained about back before the new internet scare of killer Wii remotes. Well I never returned it since I felt like the cracked hinge was not too big of a deal as long as it didn't bring about more complications. Well sorry to say, but complications arose. The hinge cracked. Strange thing is, it was the opposite hinge. That's right, the hinge without any visible crack just BROKE RIGHT OFF. Needless to say I was aghast. I was just shutting the DS case to set it to sleep mode after a rousing go at Castlevania Portrait of Ruin and as I shut it I heard a cracking noise. I quickly reopen my DS to find the top half limp and frail. A ghost of it's former glory.

The small upside to this horror story is the fact that I still have my one year warranty for my DS Lite. Also I still own my red DS Phat so I can finish my slight Castlevania addiction of late.

Check out the pictures and cringe at the hideousness.