Elijah B. Torn

Elijah B. Torn. Musician, composer, recording artist, “sarge”, and one half of We Are (a) Rook.

(Sarge Shukar Rough album casing.)

(The casing clearly boasts that “9 TRACKS AND ONE ACTION FIGURE” are included)

He recently sent us an advance copy of his Forthcoming CD You Are Lucky I Am Not a Vigilante as well as his other album Shukar Rough (which is available on iTunes). Along with the CD’s he sent this letter which i shall paraphrase.

“ Hey Anthony!

I wanted to thank you for posting about my album and my shows. I really dig the site and keep up the awesomeness!

Keep kicking ass. -Elijah”

We thank him for the support he has given us as well and I am going to listen to the CDs soon, but I’ve been sidetracked because along with the albums he sent some extra army men...

(PS - The army men were able to hold their ground)