Spheres of Chaos record release, Temp Sound Solutions EP, Blip Festival

Spheres of Chaos have released their first album this past Friday the 13th. The self-titled album is ten tracks long, and you can purchase the album through their official site, or a free download through Megatwerp. Track List below.

1. Clouds

2. Zero

3. Save The City

4. Impaled On Spikes

5. Beanstalk

6. Narcosis

7. Cyborg

8. Desert Torque

9. Space March

10. Bounty Hunter

Chequered Records have also released a new EP from Temp Sound Solutions recently. Isolated Warrior EP is up for download free and consists of eight songs. TSS is also hard at work on his new album Now Youre Playing With Powar 6. With over 100 songs spanning 2 discs he certainly has his work cut out for him.

Also be sure to check out the info for the new Blip Festival. More news on that as we get it.