Year 200X Interview, Year 200X, The Advantage, Horse The Band tour dates, Video Games Live @ the Hollywood Bowl

Sorry about the lack of updates, but here’s a good one. New interview up with heavy metal gamers Year 200X. Check it out along with all our other interviews in the interview section. They also have some upcoming shows on the 16th and 23rd of this month, check out their official site or our events section for more info. Horse the Band and The Advantage are both on tour and playing several shows each this weekend as well. so check that out too.

Another big event on the horizon will be Video Games Live which is coming back to the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California September 21st. There are still tickets ranging from as low as $7 to some prime seats going for about $60 still available through Ticketmaster. So if you are anywhere near LA definitely do not miss this event! Everyone from GM4A should be in attendance, so if you want to hang out or say hi to Jake, Corey and I (Anthony) then feel free to do so. Also it will be our writer/photographer Corey’s birthday on the day of the concert, so make sure to tell her happy birthday! Bring her a present even. Since I am assuming some (most) of you may not even know what we look like, I uploaded some pictures on the contact page. We hope to see you there!