“Nintendoom goes on hiatus

Sorry fans and friends, but for right now nintendoom has to shut down until a later date. Drummer and guitar players brian, eric, and roland have so much going on in there other band Law is Dead that they no longer have time to put enough effort into Nintendoom. Bassist Flair is relocating to the metro phoenix area in a month or two and plans to continue on with Nintendoom as soon as he can find a guitar player or two and a drummer. We'd like to mention that we have no hard feelings towards anybody in the band and loved every minute of being a part of it. This decision was hard for all of us.

If you are in the phoenix are and would like to play either guitar or drums for Nintendoom, feel free to email us ( and send us some samples if you have any.

Thanks to everyone who ever checked us out, bought a cd so we could eat, came to a show, or anything else. We hope to be back and kicking soon.



We at GM4A wish all the former members of Nintendoom the best of luck with their Future Endeavors.