I figured it was high time I talk about some of the links over on the right side now. Play-Asia and Game Music Online are both great places to pick up official VGM soundtracks. LA By Word of Mouth is a great site that has info on lots of great shows, concerts, and events in the Los Angeles area. They also have lots of great giveaways as well. Pulp Arcade is another great site who focuses on video game comic books, and does a very fine job of it as well. The Gamewave Podcast all about VGM inspired music and is presented by Joe Allen and Mike Cook, two members of the band Spheres of Chaos, and should really be checked out. Dataage is a group who sets up concerts and events all along the west coast involving many great electronic musicians. Chipcache is a new netlabel who is dedicated to 8 bit and chiptune music, they have lots of amazing artists on their label so definitely check them out. Now last of all is Split Reason is a great website who offers many great video game and computer inspired t-shirts. I hope you check out these sites, Game Music 4 All very much endorses each of them. Thanks.
Also if anyone has websites, forums, or anything else who may want to become an affiliate or exchange links, feel free to contact us. Thanks.