SublimeCloud drops LEGENDARY an EP of Pokemon remixes

SublimeCloud drops LEGENDARY an EP of Pokemon remixes

If you need some chill beats, and you do, then settle in with the latest from SublimeCloud. I am in love with these beats, especially after spending a hundred hours or so in Pokemon Moon. I really want to go back to Pokemon Moon as well, but I also have to like, live my life. I can't do both unfortunately. 

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Listen to DJ Chief Takinawa's laid back remix of Swamp Stage from Marvel Vs Capcom 2

What’s up everyone? With the announcement of the release date and story for Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, I figured I’d release this concept I’ve been working on. That trailer got me real hyped up! There may be more MvC remixes on the horizon, who knows? Its got a real jazzy vibe to it, which is perfect for online lobby’s. Hope you enjoy!
— DJ Chief Takinawa

Retrogaming inspired beat and bars in B L A C K M A G E by GF Retro

Missed this when it came out, but never too late for ultra chill vibes and dank hip hop rhymes. Check out the 2014 album from GF Retro, BLACKMAGE.

RetroSamuraiEmpire and AnimeTaskForce presents:

Black Mage
Special shoutout to Manga US for supporting me
Enjoy it
— GF Retro

Listen to SUBCON 52 Project Justice, Persona 5, Mario Kart 64

Listen to SUBCON 52 Project Justice, Persona 5, Mario Kart 64

A lot has changed since the last podcast. Mario Karts have gotten deluxe, Switch consoles are sold out everywhere. But I'm still supplying you with the latest hip hop and VGM! I've got some words about Project Justice and the Persona series, all while bumping new mixes and rhymes by 2 Mello, Maverick Da Roninn, YTCracker, and MoneyMallzBeats. 

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Shmup chiptune album INSERT vol.2 - SOLAR SOLDIER by Prof. Sakamoto

After mentioning the latest in the Prof. Sakamoto Insert series of chiptune albums, I thought I'd go back and mention INSERT Vol.2 - SOLAR SOLDIER. This album is based exclusively on shmups and that is great.

his album is a concept album. Using sound chips of NES and Gameboy, Professor Sakamoto made a soundtrack of virtual retro shooting game “Solar Soldier”.
— Pro. Sakamoto

New album of electronic, game inspired rhythms by That Andy Guy - 'Oh No, Not That Andy Guy'

Whelp, looks like it's That Andy Guy, back with an album that was three years in the making. Listen to these vibrant, game inspired chiptune jams. TAG runs through quite a few electronic genres, all with an upbeat, often frenetic pace. Grab the album free on That Andy Guy's Bandcamp page, or the DESKPOP SoundCloud page.

An album that’s been on my backburner for almost 3 years. I’m excited to finally be able to share all of these tunes with you! Hope you all enjoy what you hear!
released September 27, 2016

Music: That Andy Guy, Material Defender (Track 6)

Artwork: Braz_OS, BoyGraphics, Laraye

— That Andy Guy

Re-release of early temp sound solutions release 'the triforce ep'

It's Temp Sound Solutions Tuesday here and this month let's listen to one of the earliest AFX releases, the Triforce EP.

Collection of video game remixes and more in one of the earliest AFX releases from temp sound solutions. 

An early 6-track ep of tss’ escapades in vgm and chiptune. This is AFX 25.
— temp sound solutions

genoboost talks about Legend of Zelda Link to the Past enemies & holes in the ground

Talking about my favorite and least favorite enemies in Super Nintendo classic The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past, then I discuss some of the best holes in the ground featured in the game!

Vibrant chiptune melodies in Metal Case Mental Case by Vidboy

Eclectic chiptune compositions. 

Quality chiptune album from 2013 that I failed to post about.

This album is a love letter to old video game and computer sounds. Beep boop.
— Vidboy

Goodbye EP the final album by The Flight Away

I get back into this band to find out they are no more!? Whoa besets me on all sides. Such a sad fate is softened by my discovery of their final album, which dropped last November. 

One final EP to say goodbye!
— The Flight Away

Electronic soundscapes by Kuraine in debut EP Singularity

Debut solo EP as Kuraine. Experimental, rhythmic, a bit melodic, very conceptual. Singularity chronicles a moment in my life one year ago and the changes that have rippled infinitely into the ever-developing present.
— Kuraine