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Album Release Rules and Options

All albums released on Game Music 4 All will be made available for free download. Any donations received will be used to maintain and grow the Game Music 4 All website. Please read all information below before contacting us.

These are the two 'GM4A Album Release' packages an artist can choose from.

  1. Allow Game Music 4 All to host the album both on as well as, all donations received for the album via bandcamp and paypal will help keep the Game Music 4 All website up and running!
  2. Pay an initial fee of $10 (via paypal) and retain the right to charge or receive donations to your personal Bandcamp and Paypal accounts
  3. Both options include (at your request)...
    1. An initial PR push of the album using Game Music 4 All's many resources
    2. Hosting and streaming of the album via
    3. Ad space on
    4. Resources and support

Submission Rules

Join the facebook group for help or feedback.

  • Album must be in WAV. format
  • Must provide an email to contact you back
  • If your album features a remix/cover/rearrangement or any long samples, etc, please include the names of the songs used. 
  • Album must currently be unreleased.
  • Album should be inspired by videogames in a key way (I shouldn't have to say this)
  • We have final say in all album releases

Use the contact form below or email us at to submit your music, and tell us about your upcoming album. Thank you!

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